Can you believe that there was a time when all the pictures were taken only on the wedding day? That seems like ages ago now. Today, there are these wonderful couple photo shoots that we call engagement photos. Engagement photos are the ones in which the couple announces to the world that they are getting married. Couples mostly tell close friends and families over the phone or in person, but for the rest of the world, the engagement photos make the announcement.

Engagement photos also combine as save the date photos sometimes and a way to memorialize the last stage in a couple's love life before marriage. With all of the mounting pressure for memorable pictures, it is not uncommon for a newly engaged couple to spend a lot of time planning these pictures. For lots of couples, every single detail counts; oh and a great theme!

We bring you some ideas for engagement photos. We covered ideas for fun loving, carnival loving, traditional, movie-loving and adventure loving couples. See our ideas below.


Everyone likes a bit of fun, but they are people who love to have fun. A couple that loves to have fun can express their love in fun themed engagement photos. A room filled with balloons and the couple jumping like they won the lottery is one idea. A newly wedded fun loving couple could also recreate a party where they announce their engagement dressed as party animals or get messy with colors or add humorous props to their engagement photos.


Carnivals are always so beautiful and full of so much to see. A newly engaged couple can include bits of carnival moments in their engagement photos. This could be on their favorite ride or playing the game they love the most or dressed up as clowns, this is assuming their love for carnivals come with love for clowns.


This couple just wants to announce to the world that they are married in the most subtle and romantic way, and there are numerous engagement photo ideas for them. Engagement photos ideas include romantic sunset pictures, pictures under or near landmarks ( i.e.  Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, The Arch, etc.), "She Said Yes" pictures, beach photos, pictures taken in the most serene and beautiful natural wonders, and of course the ever winning hands holding pictures.


They bonded over Downtown Abbey on their first date, and now they are engaged. The engagement photos of such a couple could be similar to their favorite scene on the show. This could also apply to lovers of Games of Throne and other shows and movies. A "How I Got Her to Say Yes" photoshoot wouldn't be a bad idea.

Adventure lovers would probably have a lot of ideas up their sleeves, but here are a few more. Incorporating favorite activities such as skating, snowboarding, hiking in engagement photo shoot will be great. There is also the almost jumping off the cliff idea themed engagement photo idea and the hot air balloon engagement photo idea.

Engagement photos are reflections of the containable joy a couple feels during their engagement, and the things that they enjoy sharing together. The best ideas come from what the couple loves. We hope this inspires some of our engaged followers to dig deep into their creative side and embrace the things and the person who makes them feel loved the most!


Alanzo McIntosh