"It all started when…"

For just a moment think back to when it all began. How did the two of you meet? Who liked who first? Where was your first date? First kiss? How about first argument and makeup?

We all have a story. We have our stories as individuals and we have our stories as couples. Regardless of who you are, where you're from, or where you are currently we all have stories that are unique and personal to us. Those stories have shaped us to the people we are today.

There is no day more personal or intimate than your wedding day. Thus, there is no day better to share your unique and personal story of love and romance with those closest to you.

In our experience the best weddings are those that are created from scratch just for that couple with every little detail having their own personal touch.

At Worth The Wait Studios it is our passion to help couples tell and share their own love stories. Through our personalized design and planning process we'll help you and your partner create an event that only you two could have! 

 Everyone has a story. Every couple has a story. Every wedding should share that story. What story will your big day share?